The right words can


between you and your audience

I’m fascinated by small businesses and the people who run them.

There’s a certain type of personality that you often see in entrepreneurs, but each one of them has a different path and something exceptional to offer their customers.

I bring calm to the “Go! Go! Go!” of running a business just long enough to ask you the questions that will uncover that exceptional gem. Then we capture why your prospects can’t live without it.

With that information, you can take on the world … you can attract your ideal client, recruit talented employees, accelerate your growth and multiply your revenue.

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I’ve had ample experience in the fields below, but I’m ready to take on anything.
  • Architecture
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Interior Design
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Tourism
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Draw talented employees
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Accelerate growth
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Here's the thing

You know your business inside and out, but that can actually be a detriment when branding and marketing your company. The difference that a professional writer can bring is objectivity, and then clarity. Let’s get it out of your head and onto paper. (I’m being metaphorical, of course. I seldom use paper.)

During my 20 years of content development (that’s what we used to call “writing”), I’ve learned some pretty random things, and I love that. I’m comfortable tackling any topic for any industry. I’ve written hundreds of websites, video scripts, blog posts, brochures and print ads for a wide range of companies.

I’ve ghostwritten on behalf of business owners and CEOs for articles that have appeared in Smart CEO, the Baltimore Business Journal, the Washington Business Journal and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society of Greater Washington Newsletter. My byline has appeared in 15 national magazines, including Modern Maturity (now AARP) and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. I’ve taught journalism at Towson University, and I am the author of two published books. This gal loves to write!

Sometimes you simply need an editor who can proofread or copyedit an important document, a newsletter or a case study. I can do that . . . quickly. If you’re not sure where to start, I can write those marketing pieces for you.

There are other times when you need more than a wordsmith . . . you need to define your brand and describe why it matters to your ideal client. Are you starting a new business? Rebranding a business that already exists? Or have you never branded your company at all? Shoot me an email and I can talk to you about how we can develop your mission statement, a tagline and your overarching brand statement. Ask me how marketing professionals define each of these and why they are essential to growing your business.

Content Development
& Marketing Strategy

Are you telling your prospects what matters to them most? About what makes you different? Are you telling them in the ways they will hear you loud and clear?  We can work together to easily create any type of communication, including:

  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Scripts
  • Brochure Content
  • Direct Mail
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Articles
  • TV, Print and Radio Advertisements

I contacted Angela when I wanted to update my brand and target a new audience. The website content she wrote is attracting the exact type of client I am after, and the number of online inquiries I’m receiving has definitely grown.

Carol Weil, The Decorating Therapist

Working with Angela was like a dream come true! After 18 months of dealing with ineffective marketing consultants unable to help us create a low-cost marketing campaign, Angela came into our lives as a very personable and effective professional. She helped us to create a marketing action plan that provided clear insight and direction after many months of uncertainty.

Bobby Shephard, Business Owner

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sticking in there with me and getting it done ahead of schedule. You helped me make one tough client so very satisfied. Kudos to your talent and work ethic.


After searching for nearly two years for a writer/blogger, I came across Angela Davids via Facebook through a connection of my own. After meeting Angela to get a better feel of her talent, personality and professionalism, I was sold. It was only a matter of where to start first.

Howard Country Realtor


When your prospects clearly understand what you do and specifically how it can benefit them, the decision to choose your business over the competition is simple. You have bridged the gap between you and them.

To learn more about how I help companies like yours win new business and speed their growth, complete the form or contact me at to learn more.